Introducing SUSIAccess Remote Management

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Advantech have released SUSIAccess 3.0 management software services with significant function enhancements including web-based structure, seamless SW/HW monitoring and map-view interface to help the effective management and maintenance of deployed, intelligent devices.

SUSIAccessSUSIAccess 3.0 has migrated to a console-server-agent web-based structure for cloud management – administrators can perform equipment status and maintenance checks through an internet browser at any time, from anywhere, using any connected device (server-agent connection complies with MQTT communication protocol). This structure eases setting up network environments and solves the challenges encountered with large-scale or multi-site device management.

To ensure device stability it actively monitors device temperatures, fan speeds, voltages, the state of hard disks and other hardware, with a software monitoring function to oversee programme status. Active alerts are sent out if any abnormalities are observed, and SUSIAccess can execute related actions like stopping or restarting processes. It provides a comprehensive, seamless, device monitoring and control system that includes both hardware and software.

SUSIAccess 3.0 is provided free, built-in with all Advantech solutions:

  • Save deployment costs with worry-free compatibility and zero integrated software license fees.
  • Save maintenance costs with featured remote KVM and Intel® AMT integration to allow remote diagnosis and recovery in any situation.
  • Save time trouble shooting with real-time remote monitoring and proactive alarm notifications that ensure continued system health.

Taking advantage of web-based features, it provides a map-view interface and uses Google and Baidu maps to help administrators locate and manage their devices more easily. In addition to the maps it also provides building diagrams to help pinpoint device locations in offices and factories.