IoT – Securing Today for a Safer Tomorrow

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As the IoT generation gathers steam, alarming survey results highlight the urgent need for increased security awareness amongst consumers.

IoTA recent survey from internet security firm BullGuard shows that two-thirds of UK consumers are concerned about the security of their IoT devices with a staggering 72% admitting that they do not know how to secure them! Bank account details, private conversations, GPS data and even health information could be at risk, as well as the ability to open doors, start vehicles and control home infrastructure. As technological innovation weaves into the fabric of our lives, it’s time for a quantum surge in IoT security awareness.

Industry specialists continue to warn of the vulnerabilities of IoT security with what seems to be a focus on getting products to market rather than ensuring said products are secure for use. The ever-growing IoT industry is yet to establish a set of standardised security protocols which puts the onus on the end user – a task that is often too technical and complex to complete, even for the 22% of end users who would consider themselves technically literate but not confident in their ability to keep their devices secure. A worrying figure when so much about us is stored on the devices that could be at risk!

IoT security is an issue that reaches into the realm of digital and national intelligence as mentioned in testimony to the US Senate by US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper – “In the future, intelligence services might use the [internet of things] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials”. As the IoT surge continues, the realisation and perception of personal security reaches far beyond the physical. Security cameras, alarms and door locks can now all run through an IoT device, confirming a direct link between the security of data and the safety of the user.

Research by Cisco IBSG predicts that there’ll be 50bn devices connected to the internet by 2020. When you factor in a projected population of 7.6 billion, that is an average of 6.58 devices per person on the planet! Whether they are wearables monitoring our health, mobile phones connecting us socially or smart technology controlling our homes, the time to focus on security is now.

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