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AV and Advertising: The New Normal

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By 2020, just 4 years from now, the global market for digital signage products will be an estimated $20bn with the retail, healthcare and hospitality sectors driving growth. AV solutions can now offer much more than just static displays, with applications that can attract, entertain, interact and help in a number of ways.

Digital SignageAs seen at the recent Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, the applications available today are in a whole different league when compared to those of the market just a few years ago! The days of AV being just for information dissemination are well and truly over, with installations now finding success in entertainment, architecture, e-commerce, retail and even automotive design!

In many ways, 2016 is the year of the display with LG showing off some incredibly thin commercial OLED displays that can be applied to solutions ranging from luxury retail to transportation management. Whilst AV technology is revolutionary in its own right, what’s also surprising are the diverse applications that come from the software that run it. Touch screen interfaces on vending machines, interactive mirrors in fitting rooms, location-based advertisements in vehicles, navigation aids in retail areas – the imagination behind the technology is now just as progressive as the technology itself.

Matrox is an award-winning hardware and software innovator for graphics, video and industrial imaging applications with solutions designed to meet the most demanding environments and situations. Technology from Matrox can be found in solutions around the world in everything from broadcasting to advertising. They’ve recently launched an incredibly insightful series of videos that go far beyond the promotion of their powerful Mura IPX products. These educational videos help to provide an overview of their encoding and decoding offerings whilst explaining the terminology and technology behind them. Covering everything from RGB to YUV; it’s great to see what is powering these incredible AV solutions.

As a systems specialist, ECA has had the opportunity to work alongside Matrox and their powerful AV solutions. Our time in the industry has seen great success with projects both across the UK and around the world. From CCTV management and graphics editing to video walls and digital signage, we’re always looking to push the boundaries. To find out more about ECA and how we can help you with your AV solution, give us a call today on 0118 929 4990.