ECA Services - Designing the Cities of Tomorrow

Designing the Cities of Tomorrow

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ECA Services - Designing the Cities of TomorrowFuture-proofing a city is based around 2 factors – the prediction for population growth and the need for continued urban development. What if in the future, the driving force behind city design isn’t its population but the need for technologically-supported infrastructure that can improve liveability whilst driving urban and commercial growth? As Dell announces its Smart City infrastructure initiative in Asia, we explore the digital foundation that could one day lead to technological advancement on a global scale.

The Smart City Partner Ecosystem is a network of organisations that are coming together to address the opportunities for Smart City growth in India. Currently made up of 12 IoT and Smart City specialists; this network will soon go to market as a single entity with end-to-end offerings that will sit at the heart of India’s growth. The Indian Government’s ambitious “100 Smart Cities” program is designed to address the infrastructure gap that will help make cities better for their residents and visitors whilst enhancing the economic climate. The focus so far has been on 2 different types of solution:

  • Applications – centred around infrastructure and the delivery of services.
  • Infrastructure – the foundation of technology upon which applications can run.

Smart Cities need a higher calibre of architect, specifically those with expertise in digital infrastructure to ensure proper planning, execution and delivery. Dell brings its industry-refined best practice to the project as well as their ability to customise solutions to match India’s unique infrastructure requirements. Whilst any number of systems can make a city “Smart”, the focus is on the devices that make the city more efficient for its population. Ravinder P Singh, Director for IoT, Smart Cities and Digitisation at Dell India said “India is currently undergoing a massive transformation to become a digitally enabled national; for technology is at the heart of this transformation. The Smart Cities project is a tremendous opportunity. Whilst Dell has the competencies to develop a strong digital blueprint and foundation for Smart Cities, our partners bring expertise of applications for enablement of smart services. I welcome our partners and look forward to work (sic) with them to help India’s metamorphosis into a future-ready economy.”

Dell’s incredibly diverse range of cross functional solutions are perfect for implementation into Smart City requirements, including:

  • Emergency situation management
  • Energy automation and metering
  • Intelligent traffic management
  • Operations, command and control
  • Public transportation management
  • Smart street lighting
  • Smart water and power grid management
  • Surveillance and security
  • Traffic optimisation tools and free flow traffic management
  • Video analytics

ECA Services - Designing the Cities of TomorrowWith an estimated 75% of people living in cities by 2050 and 95% of the urban expansion required happening in fast developing countries, it’s vital that cities begin to take a proactive approach to future-proofing, similarly to India’s government.

Dell’s Future-Ready Economies Model was recently expanded outside of the USA in its analysis of cities that are ready for a future driven by technological advancement. Compiled by IHS Economics, the model is a tool for cities to gauge their preparation for future growth with indicators including human capital, commerce and infrastructure.

At the top of the global 50 were San Jose, San Francisco, Singapore and London, cities that have helped define the future we have arrived at. San Jose and San Francisco combined high innovation and investment with strong showings in education and labour engagement, London tops the rankings with learning and civic engagement whilst Singapore leads with public-private collaboration and infrastructure due to its world-class air infrastructure at Changi Airport.

Dell Future-Ready Economies Model

Future growth is a consideration on many minds as we begin to change how we think – in this case about the cities that we one day might live in. The range of specific areas that can benefit from technological advancement are staggering but it’s important that we start putting the groundwork in now to secure the benefits for those generations to come.

As a Dell OEM partner and the UK Premier Partner for Advantech, we are proud to have the opportunity to help push our cities forward. Our experience with IoT projects reaches across the UK with many of our solutions already present in city-wide infrastructure networks. Whether it’s manufacturing, security, transportation or any of our other vertical specialisms, we are the systems specialists that can help. Call our team today on +44 (0)118 929 4990 or you can send us a message here.