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Be Smart This Summer

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As we write this, the UK forecast is predicting heavy rain – just another day in your typical British Summer! As hundreds of thousands fly off to hotter climates in a bid to escape the wet weather, there will no doubt be some unhappy travellers as they face the 3 typical holiday problems – missing luggage, too much sun, and lost children. These could soon be things of the past as Vodafone in Spain develops a POC for a series of smart wearables that could soon make holidays that little bit easier.

ECA Services - Be Smart this SummerA recent European survey found that 1 in 2 forget to apply sunscreen whilst 1 in 4 have lost luggage. This is where Vodafone steps in with their “Smart Summer” campaign, a cost-effective solution powered by IoT – the Internet of Things. This innovative collection will include connected swimwear that can help avoid UV damage, sunhats to prevent children getting lost and globally trackable suitcases. IoT drives the functions of these incredible devices with an impressive 10-year battery life, low power usage designs, and low production costs.

The connected swimwear, available in designs for both sexes, is embedded with UV sensors to detect sunlight exposure throughout the day. Connected to a smart phone application; the swimwear will signal the user when UV exposure has reached recommended limits to prevent damage during the most harmful times of the day.

ECA Services - Be Smart this SummerTheir sunhat design takes things even further. In addition to a UV sensor, the hat is also fitted with a tracking device connected to a Vodafone SIM card that can automatically alert family members when a child goes beyond the predetermined distance set by their guardian. The smart suitcase has Bluetooth technology to assist in locating the bag with the help of GPS and GSM mobile base stations. Alerts are sent to the user’s smartphone with the whereabouts of the bag. “The launch of a new narrowband networking IoT will bring this extraordinary revolution to a new level” said Erik Brenneis, IoT Director of Vodafone Group.

To have technology assist us in ways we never imagined is a driving force behind IoT and it’s phenomenal ideas like these that are changing the world in subtle but momentous ways. The age of sunburnt skin, moments of panic, and ruined trips is truly over – where could the technology go next?

You can find out more about Vodafone’s IoT division on their website and you can follow the latest developments on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.