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Signage: The Next Generation

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ECA Services - Signage: The Next GenerationDid you know that more than 75% of consumers would enter a store because of its signage, even one they have never visited before? Did you know that 68% of consumers have purchased a product or service based solely on a sign that caught their eye? As the retail digital signage market continues to grow towards a predicted $23 billion by 2018, the industry is now taking a leap forward when it comes to engagement, interaction and entertainment.

With a smartphone in the hand of almost every person in the country, we’re now living in an age where no sector can afford to delay its digital transformation. As more outlets, merchants, vendors and sellers begin to embrace digital signage in their strategies, it’s clear that this innovative medium is becoming critical to customer communication. Static displays are now a thing of the past, with businesses now having a portfolio of options when it comes to digital signage:

  • Beacons – with the help of radio transmitters, digital signs can connect with those consumers who have a loyalty application on their smartphone. This enables the retailer to target consumers with adverts, discounts, store promotions and alerts, all of which can be tailored to them based upon their user profile. Reaching out in this manner not only helps to ingratiate the consumer by offering a more personal shopping experience, it also allows the retailer to gather data on their demographics and visitors.
  • Digital Kiosks – with retail space at a premium, not many stores have the freedom to display all of their merchandise. Many retailers now only display their most popular products with their remaining catalogue available online. With the help of digital signage, customers can now see products in different colours, different cuts and on different models, whilst personnel can assist with ordering and customer service.
  • Smart Signage – considering how frequently it is replaced, printed signage has become expensive, both in terms of cost and resource. With smart signage, adverts can be updated with a single click whilst designs can be made more engaging to consumers.
  • Video Intelligence – building on beacons with a higher level of machine intelligence; digital signs can be equipped with video cameras that can be placed near interactive content. With the use of specialist software, eye-tracking can reveal which products a consumer is interested in, how long they spend looking at a sign, their gender and their approximate age. When combined, this packet of data can help the retailer target demographics with more effective messages.

ECA Services - Signage: The Next GenerationRetailers can do more than just advertise with today’s technology. With improved UIs and lower prices, they can capture data, personalise offers, gather feedback and broadcast information – it goes beyond purely catching the attention of customers. Digital signage has a range of applications for all sectors of the retail trade, including the grocery market where customers can often find themselves waiting in-line. In a recent survey, almost 85% of shoppers said that their time waiting in-line passed more quickly when watching a digital display, with 85% of those shoppers finding them entertaining.

These new and powerful technologies can help retailers reconnect with consumers – a difficult task considering the shift towards online shopping. Low in cost and easy to manage; retailers now have the opportunity to be more creative with their on-site campaigns which is certainly leading us towards a more interactive, more personal and more connected shopping experience.