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AI and the Law

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It takes years of education, hundreds of cases, and a wealth of courtroom experience to turn a prospective law student into a proficient legal expert. Whilst the intricacies of the law will likely always need a human approach, advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) could soon see such technologies play a key role in our search for justice and truth. 

ECA and the Law

In early 2018, LawGeex, a legal AI platform, conducted a study in consultation with 3 of the USA’s leading legal schools – Standard University, Duke University School of Law, and the University of Southern California – pitting a team of 20 leading legal minds against Artificial Intelligence.

The legal team was made up of associates, sole legal practitioners, in-house lawyers, and general counsel, whilst LawGeex has been trained on thousands of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) using machine and deep learning technologies. Both parties were given 4 hours to review 5 separate NDAs and identify 30 legal issues across 11 pages, 153 paragraphs, and more than 3000 clauses. The results speak for themselves:

  • Accuracy
    • AI: 94%
    • Lawyers: 85%
  • Performance
    • AI: 94%
    • Highest Performing Lawyer: 94%
    • Lowest Performing Lawyer: 67%
  • Time Taken
    • AI: 26 seconds
    • Shortest Time by Lawyer: 51 minutes
    • Longest Time by Lawyer: 156 minutes

With a 0.7% chance of the results being random, there are clear opportunities for AI applications in law, just perhaps not as an outright solution. AI platforms like LawGeex can be used to give NDAs, agreements, and many other documents a first pass, freeing up time for higher value tasks that require a human touch such as briefings and face-to-face consultations.

LawGeex completed the task 117.7x faster than a person did. Tomorrow, that could realistically be higher. By better understanding these tools and the roles they can play, the next generation of lawyers can be better positioned to shape future legal practises and more equipped to handle the legal challenges of tomorrow.