AssetMinder - The Broad, Open, and Flexible Solution


AssetMinder is a core IoT solution from InVMA that allows you to instantly connect any combination of assets, anywhere in the world, at any time. Designed to reduce the time, cost, and risk required to build new IoT infrastructure, AssetMinder can securely collect and process asset and sensor data across any network topology.

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Introduction to AssetMinder

Built on robust gateway technologies with ubiquitous device connectivity; our end-to-end IoT platforms include scalable data management tools for flexible support for cloud, on-premise, embedded, and hybrid deployments.

  • Reports on multiple variables
  • Supports any combination of assets, regardless of manufacturer
  • Seamlessly integrates with current infrastructure
  • Scalable, flexible, and easily configurable
  • Hardware matched to your assets and data
  • Built to solve multiple problems

  • Locate Assets

    Protect your assets against theft or to prepare them for audit

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Prevent downtime with service alerts

  • Monitor Usage

    Check warranty claims and comply with Health & Safety

  • Predict Failure

    Avoid downtime and reduce further risk

  • Control Remotely

    Perform routine diagnostics and send software/firmware updates

  • Increase Revenue

    Offer your asset as a service

Connect any asset, anywhere, any time

Whether you're already collecting data or you're looking for help getting started, why not let our IoT specialists show you how AssetMinder can transform your enterprise?