Smart BMS is the ideal platform for modern BMS (Building Management System) or FMS (Facility Management System) applications – powerful and scalable:

  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Industrial sites
  • Military installations
  • Prisons
  • Shops, shopping malls and restaurant chains
  • Tourist and leisure amenities
  • Transportation management
  • Universities, colleges and schools

Many companies already trust on Panorama solutions: Gasco, Bank of England, Orange Data Center, Alstom Grid, National Grid, Talisman Energy, Total, Westinghouse Fuels, EDF, Areva, Birmingham Airport, Eurotunnel, London Underground etc.

Codra, editor of the ‘Smart BMS’ software, is a French company specialized in industrial automation solutions since 30 years. With an installed base of over 30,000 licenses, Panorama solutions (Panorama Suite 2016, Smart BMS, Panorama P²) are for all industries with production monitoring or archiving and data analysis needs.

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Advantech ARK-1123H

with Panorama Smart BMS from Codra

Advantech ARK-1123H with Panorama Smart BMS

For many years Panorama solutions have enabled integrators, engineering departments and building managers to use reliable, lasting BMS/FM solutions.

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