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Cybersecurity spending is predicted to exceed £100b in 2022¹ with cybercrime expected to cost the global economy more than £4.5t in 2021² - now is the time to invest in a zero trust strategy.

Deployable in 15 minutes with 100% coverage from server to terminals; the Xprotect and Xshield platforms, part of the ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust Platform, can secure your digital enterprise with a fully cloud-delivered defence, ensuring zero disruption to day-to-day operations.

As a ColorTokens partner we can combine these powerful platforms with our next-generation technologies and cybersecurity consultancy services, helping enterprises to understand, quantify, and defend against the risks ahead.

ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust Platform

ColorTokens - Xprotect

Xprotect is designed for complete endpoint security, proactively stopping suspicious activity with a robust, cloud-based, and signature-less approach. Working at the kernel level to block unauthorised processes; Xprotect provides holistic awareness into user, application, and process behaviour in real-time.

Visualise, define, and protect your endpoints

  • Consistent and uninterrupted endpoint protection - whether users are on or offline
  • Define and manage whitelists and blacklists to monitor application behaviour
  • Ultra-lightweight agents that remain invisible to users

Proactive protection from end-to-end

  • Only allow known and secure files, processes, and network connections
  • Prevent unauthorised execution on endpoints - even with administrator rights
  • Block malicious processes from infecting legitimate applications

Lockdown legacy, single function, and unpatchable systems

  • Protect legacy operating systems
  • Secure special-purpose terminals and access points
  • Comply with regulations
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ColorTokens - Xshield

As we transition to cloud workloads and serverless architecture; Xshield enables enterprises to secure their networks with instant workload visibility, segmentation, and dynamic policy enforcement. From visualisation and stimulation to segmentation and automation, Xshield is designed to thrive in a hybrid and multicloud world.

Gain 20:20 visibility over your architecture

  • Get a mapped view into every user, application, database, and interaction
  • Drag and drop assets into segments to create ZeroTrust Zones™
  • Gain a granular view into any network, endpoint, or multicloud instance

Create and maintain a dynamic security posture

  • Run policies in simulation mode before enforcement
  • Define policies for different applications and architectures
  • Vet your security policies with a few clicks

Enforce and assess with confidence

  • Automate policies and securely migrate workloads to the cloud
  • Isolate and control communication to, within, and across segmented groups
  • Secure, encrypt, and limit access to only specific assigned services
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Xassure offers a managed risk solution incorporating prevention, detection, response, and containment capabilities into a single, unified platform for the protection of data centre, cloud and multi-location infrastructure.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), data sciences, threat hunting, and incident responses to build a defence againt intelligent and hidden threats; Xassure delivers deep monitoring and analysis to provide contextural insights and early detection.

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About ECA Services

ECA Services - Advantech Premier Partner

At ECA it's our goal to create technology that maximises our client's IP, building on our commitment to performance, flexibility, and quality.

As OEM specialists with resources dedicated to full stack IT infrastructure, high-performance computing, and embedded technology, our proven implementation has seen great success with leading enterprises and global leaders in more than 350 organisations and 50 countries.

  • ColorTokens Partner in the UK and Ireland
  • Advantech UK Premier Partner and leading global IIoT Channel Partner
  • End-to-end solution delivery - from concept to deployment
  • Configuration centre based in the Thames Valley technology corridor
  • Dedicated RMA centre in the UK

Should your requirements call for anything beyond the specifications detailed here please contact our team and we'll be happy to discuss this further.

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² Morgan, S. (2016). Cybercrime Damages $6 Trillion By 2021 -