ECA - Smart Grids and the Road to Energy Independence

Smart Grids and the Road to Energy Independence

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Located 28 miles off the Cornwall coast, the Isles of Scilly are set to be the focus of a multimillion pound EU project led by Hitachi Europe. The Smart Energy Islands project will see the integration of a new smart grid that will use the latest software to manage supply and demand through renewable energy sources, energy storage and Electric …

ECA Services - The New Age of Manufacturing

The New Age of Manufacturing

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The advancement of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is leading to a significant and fundamental shift within the manufacturing sector. Whilst smart factories can operate with near-complete autonomy, the human element is now responsible for decision making and intervention. With the principles of Industry 4.0, innovative automation technology and far-reaching high-speed networks, the manufacturing sector has everything it needs to undergo a critical …

ECA - The Uneven Adoption of IoT

The Uneven Adoption of IoT

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Researches are forecasting that the IoT market will lead to 30.7 billion connected devices by 2020, with a further 145% growth by 2025! What’s even more impressive is that when you look at the Internet of Things so far, it’s clear that we’re just getting started! IoT continues to create new revenue models as more businesses invest in the next …

ECA - The Service Branches of Windows 10

The Service Branches of Windows 10

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Originally, Microsoft would release a new version of Windows followed by updates and bug fixes, with new functionality being saved for the next version released a few years later. With Windows 10 now running on more than 250 million devices around the world, Microsoft is now giving users the choice in how they receive updates with the introduction of 3 Service …

ECA Services - Making Industry 4.0 a Reality

Making Industry 4.0 a Reality

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With Industry 4.0 sitting front and centre of so many of today’s digital strategies, it’s easy to forget how difficult the road to digital success can be. Now entering its 7th year; Industry 4.0 brings together the advancement of fast internet connections and the unprecedented growth of smart devices and their applications. The digital transformation that runs at its core will …

ECA Services - Hackable in 3 Minutes

Hackable in 3 Minutes

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As of June 2016, 65% of enterprises have deployed IoT applications. By 2018, 2/3 of said enterprises will experience breaches in security due to those applications. When you consider there are almost 6.5 billion devices already in use today, with a projected 20 billion by 2020, it’s undeniable to see that IoT is truly here to stay, but can we say the …

ECA Services - Does HMI have a future?

Does HMI have a future?

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Industry 4.0 is now a global trend, encompassing a number of innovative technologies such as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and machine learning. As the manufacturing sector continues its digital transformation, it’s clear that IoT is driving the next era of industrial and intelligent connectivity, a time where a more elegant Human Machine Interface (HMI) is needed. …

ECA Services - Legislating a Connected World

Legislating a Connected World

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Smart parking, building automation, drone deliveries, Industry 4.0, agricultural monitoring. The applications for IoT now reach into almost every vertical market with new ideas, concepts and products entering the market every day. As is the way with enterprise growth, we would expect to see a corresponding rise in legislation. This turns out to not be the case with IoT as governments, …

ECA Services - Signage: The Next Generation

Signage: The Next Generation

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Did you know that more than 75% of consumers would enter a store because of its signage, even one they have never visited before? Did you know that 68% of consumers have purchased a product or service based solely on a sign that caught their eye? As the retail digital signage market continues to grow towards a predicted $23 billion …

The ECA and Advantech stand at PPMA Total Show 2016

ECA @ PPMA Total Show 2016 – Part 2

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When it came to our biggest event appearance to date, it needed to be something pretty spectacular! We achieved that with our fantastic Factory 4.0 and IIoT showcase at PPMA Total Show, one of the UK’s leading packaging and manufacturing exhibitions. As the UK Premier Partner for Advantech, we’re humbled that they chose us to exhibit alongside them at the NEC …

ECA takes on Tough Mudder

ECA takes on Tough Mudder

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Set in the picturesque woodlands of West Sussex on a gloriously bright Saturday afternoon, the ECA team took on Tough Mudder London South, a 10.2 mile mud run filled with obstacles designed to challenge and push those who dare to try! Ice water, heights, tight spaces, electricity – you name it, we beat it! Starting with just 1 person who wanted to …

ECA Services - Connecting Cities. Connecting People.

Connecting Cities. Connecting People.

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By the end of 2016, it’s predicted there will be 6.4 billion connected devices around the world, a staggering 30% increase from 2015 – that’s almost 1 device for every person on the planet! Smart cities will thrive on this connectivity, paving the way for improved communication and interactivity across the public and private sectors. As smart city programs begin …

ECA Services - Manufacturing: Transforming in Disguise

Manufacturing: Transforming in Disguise

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You’re probably already aware of Industry 4.0 in one way or another. Along with its buzzword brothers, IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Industry 4.0 is a current trend that focusses on the transformation of data and automation into the “smart factory”. The first industrial revolution started with mechanical production powered by water and steam in the 18th century. …

PPMA Total Show 2016

ECA @ PPMA Total Show 2016 – Part 1

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Incorporating PPMA, Pakex and Interphex; the Total Processing and Packaging Exhibition has been rebranded as the PPMA Total Show, a new event for 2016.  As the UK’s leading trade association for the suppliers of processing and packaging machinery in the UK, the PPMA Total Show is one of the country’s biggest packaging exhibitions. Considering the far-reaching interest and popularity of the …

ECA Services - Be Smart this Summer

Be Smart This Summer

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As we write this, the UK forecast is predicting heavy rain – just another day in your typical British Summer! As hundreds of thousands fly off to hotter climates in a bid to escape the wet weather, there will no doubt be some unhappy travellers as they face the 3 typical holiday problems – missing luggage, too much sun and lost children. These could …

ECA Services - Down the Road

Down the Road: Part 2

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In May 2016, Joshua Brown, 40, was killed in a fatal crash when his Tesla Model S, in autopilot mode, collided with a truck in Florida. This recent and terrible news has reignited the debate over autonomous vehicle safety and the application of autopilot technology in vehicles not limited to the ones currently employing it. The Model S utilises a unique combination …

ECA Services - Behind the Wheel

Behind the Wheel: Part 1

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As the race to get a fully-autonomous car on the road continues, BMW is firmly establishing its position as one of the first manufacturers to set a commercial production date. The iNext, BMW’s self-driving sedan, would bring automated vehicles into production by 2021 following the announcement of a unique partnership between BMW, Intel and computer vision and sensor company, Mobileye. The all-electric …

ECA Services - Evolving with Digital Darwinism

Evolving with Digital Darwinism

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As Industry 4.0 continues to send ripples throughout the sector, one can struggle to think of a time when the world wasn’t evolving as quickly as the technology that supports it. Therefore, could we apply rational thought to product refinement and use the fundamental principles of natural selection to evolve our technology? GE Grid Solutions have begun work on such a …

ECA Services - Connecting the Physical with the Digital

Connecting the Physical with the Digital

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The world is becoming a much smaller place. With help from the Internet, we can explore the far reaches of the planet, communicate with those in far-away countries and even order products that can be delivered next day. Whilst we reap the benefits, we don’t always appreciate the infrastructure that keeps the Internet running. As Facebook and Microsoft team up to establish …

ECA Services - Designing the Cities of Tomorrow

Designing the Cities of Tomorrow

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Future-proofing a city is based around 2 factors – the prediction for population growth and the need for continued urban development. What if in the future, the driving force behind city design isn’t its population but the need for technologically-supported infrastructure that can improve liveability whilst driving urban and commercial growth? As Dell announces its Smart City infrastructure initiative in Asia, we explore the …