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PowerEdge 14G

PowerEdge 14G is designed to deliver the difference - pure and simple. Building on the scalable, secure, and streamlined technologies of 13G, the next-generation is equipped with transformational benefits resulting in dramatic improvements in performance and agility.

Designed from the ground up with a no-compromise approach; 14G dramatically increases productivity by delivering highly scalable architecture, flexible storage, and embedded intelligence, coupled with computational horsepower for the most demanding workloads.

  • Scalable Business Architecture - The PowerEdge 14G's scalable architecture is flexible enough to cope with changing application requirements, seamlessly scaling whilst performing more efficiently.
  • Intelligent Automation - Equipped with powerful automation tools, PowerEdge 14G can help automate the routine tasks that would otherwise take up valuable resource.
  • Integrated Security - Cyber Resilient Architecture (CRA) is built into all servers at both the hardware and firmware levels, protecting your infrastructure with a deep layer of defence.



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Rack Servers

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G - Rack Servers

PowerEdge 14G rack servers can help you build modern infrastructure that minimises IT challenges and drives business success. Available in 1-, 2-, and 4-socket variants; 14G racks deliver high core density for traditional applications, virtualisation, and cloud-native workloads. With enhanced memory speeds, faster NVMe options, and BIOS tuning, you can match performance to your workload for ultimate efficiency.

Tower Servers

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G - Tower Servers

PowerEdge 14G tower servers offer improved performance and versatility over 13G whilst retaining their low operational volume for office, remote, and data centre environments. Towers are available in a variety of sizes from compact mini-towers to rack-scale platforms.

  • Mini-towers: easy to use and secure - file sharing, print, PoS
  • Towers: reliable and secure - collaboration, database applications
  • Racks: powerful and scalable - web serving, virtualisation, BI, ERP, HPC

Modular Infrastructure

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G - Modular Infrastructure

PowerEdge 14G also includes everything you need to create a robust and future-ready data centre. With easily expandable compute, networking, and storage elements, you can tailor, deploy, and manage your infrastructure whilst reducing operating and maintenance costs.

  • MX - a modular and integrated platform delivering maximum longevity
  • FX Series - a hybrid platform embodied with the density of blade servers and the simplicity of racks
  • VRTX - a compact chassis integrating next-generation servers, storage, and networking technologies
  • C Series - an accelerated platform for high-performance workloads

Industrial-Grade Servers

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G - Industrial-Grade Servers

Designed for harsh and space-constrained environments, the XR2 is precision engineered to deliver long-life computing without compromise. Shock certified to 40G and with support for extreme temperature ranges, the XR2 can take whatever's thrown at it.

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