10/100/1000 Ethernet Media Converter

  • Double fibre capacity, LX, Single Mode, SC Fibre
  • Modular, hot-swappable architecture reduces operational costs associated with product installation, upgrades and maintenance
  • SNMP Manageable
  • Converts 10,100 or 1000 Mbps Copper to 1000 Mbps Fibre
  • Supports Configuration Control
  • Features Link Fault Pass-Through


Satisfying today’s networking needs while preparing for tomorrow’s cabling requirements can make designing and installing the physical layer of networks a daunting task. The decreasing cost of fibre optic cabling and switching equipment makes all-optical LANs the obvious choice when future-proofing network equipment. Replacing legacy equipment and wiring infrastructure is a costly choice. Managed media conversion allows implementation of new technologies on existing networks, while monitoring all connections, to keep networks running and up-to-date.

This is an SNMP-managed Ethernet copper to fibre media converters that includes troubleshooting features and LEDs to assist in network diagnostics as well as make isolating cable breaks easier. The iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX features Link Fault Pass-Through, an RJ-45 copper port, an SC fibre port, and is hot-swappable.