Advantech AIMB-226
Advantech AIMB-226 - TopAdvantech AIMB-226 - UndersideAdvantech AIMB-226 - Ports


AMD R-series Quad Core / Dual Core Mini-ITX with HDMI / LVDS / DP++


Mini-ITX supporting 4 independent displays

  • Supports AMD Mobile Bald Eagle Quad core / Dual core processor
  • Two 204-pin SO-DIMM up to 16GB DDR3 2133 / 1600MHz SDRAM
  • Supports 4 independent displays with HDMI / LVDS / Dual DP++ (DP1.2)
  • Dual LANs
  • 6 COM
  • 2 Mini PCIe
  • Supports embedded software APIs and Utilities
AIMB-226G2-00A1E RX-427BB chipset
AIMB-226G2-01A1E RX-225FB chipset
Part Number Description
1700003195 USB cable with two ports, 17.5cm
17000022204 USB cable with two ports, 27cm
1700008461 USB cable with four ports, 30.5cm
1757003064 Adapter AC100-240V, 84W, +12V/ 7A FSP
1700000596-01 Power cable 3-pin 183cm, China type
170203180A Power cable 3-pin 183cm, UK type
1702002600 Power cable 3-pin 183cm, USA type
1702002605-01 Power cable 3-pin 183cm, Europe type
1700023768-01 Phoenix to DC-in cable
96PAS-A100W12P4 Phoenix adaptor 100-240, 100W, 12V

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