Advantech AMAX-4855


32-ch IDI & 16-ch PhotoMOS EtherCAT Remote I/O module

  • Suitable for EtherCAT networks
  • 32-ch digital input and 16-ch PhotoMOS Relay output (Form A)
  • 1500 VDC optical isolation for relay outputs
  • Quick removable European type connector
  • LED indicators for I/O status
  • Supports EtherCAT Distributed Clock (DC) mode and SyncManager mode
  • Two Rotary switches for up to 256 slave IDs


The AMAX-4855 is an industrial EtherCAT slave module equipped with the EtherCAT protocol. Its compact size and DIN-rail mount kit can install easily in a cabinet. Euro type pluggable terminal blocks and LED indicator help users to maintain and set up their system. All digital input and PhotoMOS Relay Output channels are protected by isolation circuits.

Part Number Description
AMAX-4855-AE 32-ch IDI & 16-ch PhotoMOS EtherCAT Remote I/O module
96PS-A40WDIN DIN RAIL A/D 100-240V 40W 24V
Interface EtherCAT
Data Transfer Medium Ethernet/EtherCAT cable (min. CAT 5), shielded
Distance Between Modules Max. 100 m (100BASE-TX)
Data Transfer Rates 100 Mbps
Configuration Not required
Communication Cycle Time 100us
Digital Input
Channels 32
Input Voltage Logic 0: 3 V max.
Logic 1: 10 V min. (30 V max.)
Isolation Protection 2,500 VDC
PhotoMOS Relay Output
Channels 16
Relay Type PhotoMOS SPST(Form A)
Load Voltage 60V (AC peak or DC)
Load Current 1.2A
Peak Load Current 4A @100ms (1 pulse)
Isolation Protection 1,500 VDC
Turn-on Time 1 ms typical
Turn-off Time 0.6 ms typical
Connectors 10-pin 3.81 mm terminal block * 8 (I/O)
3-pin 3.81 mm screw terminal block (power)
RJ-45 * 2 (EtherCAT)
Dimensions 168 mm x 120 mm x 40 mm
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F)
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 70°C (-40 ~ 158°F)
Storage Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Power Supply 10 ~ 30 VDC
Power Consumption Typical 85mA @24V
Max. 130mA @24V

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