2-slot Expansion Backplane for APAX-5580

  • More flexibility by providing 2x full function combo slots
  • Bypass 24VDC to the right side APAX connector for APAX-5002 expansion
  • High Speed Connector support PCIe / SATA/ USB signal for APAX-5430/ APAX-5435/APAX-5490 expansion
  • More features with lower cost by using EtherIO driver technology to replace the DSP function in the traditional backplane
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APAX-5402L is the backplane module for APAX-5580, supports 2 x Combo slots ( High Speed Connector + APAX IO Connector ) and right hand side connector for APAX-5002 expansion. It provides more flexibility for user’s application with APAX-5430 / APAX-5435/APAX-5490 as well as all APAX IO modules.