Advantech DLT-V8310


Fully Configurable, Rugged VMT Series

  • Color-TFT 10”
  • Highly break-proven, abrasion-resistant touchscreen
  • Largely configurable to needs
  • Extreme temperature range, cold store capable
  • Fully rugged, IP66 and 5M3 for the complete system


DLT-V83 vehicle terminals from Advantech-DLoG are extremely robust, highly configurable and meet a variety of business needs. They incorporate all the features necessary for heavy-duty vehicle applications in warehousing, industry and mining. Using a UPS system, they can bridge an interruption of power supply of several minutes, use CAN-Bus technology for effective vehicle diagnostics and monitoring and are capable of withstanding extreme cold in cold stage warehouses.

Part Number Description
DLT-V8310 Fully Configurable, Rugged VMT Series
Advantech DLT-V8310 - Specification

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