Advantech EPC-B2000


Embedded Mini-ITX Chassis with One Expansion Slot

  • Economical Embedded chassis for Mini-ITX motherboard
  • Front LED indicators for system fault detection and with one expansion slot
  • Reserved USB, COM and WLAN antenna openings on front side
  • Shock-resistant two 2.5″ drive bay
  • Two SKUs to support ATX Power Supply & AC-DC Power Adaptor
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Model Name Part Number Power Supply Supported MB Regulation
EPC-B2000 AIMB-B2000-15ZE ATX 150W AIMB-273/272/270 CE, FCC, UL, CB
AIMB-274/203/281 CE, FCC
AIMB-B2000-00YE Optional external AC-DC Adaptor 60W & 84W AIMB-214/213/212/223 CE, FCC, UL, CB
AIMB-224/225/226/230/231/215 CE, FCC
Advantech EPC-B2000 - Specification
Part Number Description
1700020710-02 USB cable with two ports. 25 cm, for AIMB-214/213/212/223/224/273/272/270
1703100350 USB cable wih two ports. 34.5cm, for AIMB-274/203
1700018971 SATA HDD cable for AIMB-274/203
1700011772 SATA power cable for slim ODD for AIMB-274/273/272/270/203 with AIMB-B2000-15ZE
1700021444-11 SATA power cable for slim ODD for AIMB-214/213/223/224 with AIMB-B2000-00YE
1700021446-11 SATA power cable for slim ODD for AIMB-212 with AIMB-B2000-00YE
1700022458-11 COM cable (1-4) for AIMB-203
1700000596-01 Power cable 3-pin 183cm, China type
170203180A Power cable 3-pin 183cm, UK type
1702002600 Power cable 3-pin 183cm, USA type
1702002605-01 Power cable 3-pin 183cm, Europe type
1960060732N001 CPU cooler for AIMB-274/203/281

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