Thin Barebone System with Embedded Low Profile Mini-ITX Motherboard

  • Thin, 1U, barebone system with multiple IO ports, suitable for a variety of environments with DC-in design
  • Quick, easy installation of additional peripherals
  • One 2.5″ shock-resistant drive bay
  • Supports wall/VESA/DIN-rail/Rack mount
  • Locking type type DC power jack
Advantech EPC-T1000 - Part Numbers
Advantech EPC-T1000 - Specification
Part Number Description
AIMB-0BRK-WM02E Wall Mounting Bracket
AIMB-0BRK-VM03E VESA Mounting Bracket
AIMB-0BRK-DR02E Din Rail Mounting Bracket
AIMB-0BRK-RM01E Rack mount bracket
1700023474-01 2 ports USB cable for front panel, 345mm
1700022991-01 2 ports USB cable for rear panel, 100mm
1700022988-01 4 ports COM Cable for front panel, 130+170+210+250mm
1700022990-01 1 port COM Cable for rear panel, 150mm
1700022992-01 2 ports Audio Cable for front panel, 200mm
96PSA-A60W12V1-1 60W Power Adapter, DC 12V/ 5.0A, AC 100-240VAC/ 1.5A 50-60Hz
96PSA-A84W12V1 84W Power Adapter, DC 12V/ 7.0A, AC 100-240VAC/ 1.3A 50-60Hz
1702002600 Power cord, 3-pin power cord (US)
1702002605 Power cord, 3-pin power cord (EU)
1702031801 Power cord, 3-pin power cord (UK)
1700000237 Power cord, 3-pin power cord with PSE (Japan)
1700000596 Power cord, 3-pin power cord (CCC)

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