Ethernet Serial Server – VESR900 Fibre

  • Ethernet enable serial devices
  • Direct IP, virtual COM port, or paired mode
  • Ethernet pass-through port available
  • Ethernet Fibre – CAT 5 RJ45 and Multi-Mode ST Fibre
  • Serial RS-232/RS-422/485 ports, DB9 & TB
  • UL Class 1 Division 2


Take control of your serial devices with Vlinx™ VESR921-MC Industrial Ethernet Serial Servers. If it has a serial port, it can be monitored and controlled from anywhere on your Ethernet LAN or WAN. Keep it at maximum productivity without leaving your office. Even troubleshoot it from outside your LAN via the Internet. The easy to use Vlinx™ Manager software puts access to your whole shop on your desk. Configure devices, upgrade firmware and monitor activity. Configurafibtion changes can also be made using a web browser. VESR921-MC¬†provides 1 Serial Port (DB9 & Terminal Blocks) and 1 CAT 5 RJ45, and 1 Multi-Mode ST Fibre connector.