Advantech ITA-5831


Fanless System; EN 50155 Compliant for Railway Applications

  • Intel® Core™ i7-6822EQ platform with QM170
  • Fanless computer for railway applications, fully compliant with EN 50155
  • Satisfies temp. standard: EN 50155 TX (-40 ~ 70 °C) and IEC 61373 body mount class B
  • Compliant with EN 50121-3-2/ EN 50121-4 EMC test standard
  • Ruggedized connectors (M12) used for communication and power ports
  • Supports easy-swap storage module and I/O module
Voltage (M12-S-Male) Part Number Processor Ethernet (M12-X-Female) USB2.0 (M12-A-Female) USB3.0 (Type A) mini-PCIe
24VDC ITA-5831-L7A1E i7-6822EQ 3 1 2 3
ITA-5831-L5A1E i5-6442EQ
ITA-5831-L0A1E G3902E
48VDC ITA-5831-M7A1E i7-6822EQ
ITA-5831-M5A1E i5-6442EQ
72VDC ITA-5831-H7A1E i7-6822EQ
ITA-5831-H5A1E i5-6442EQ
ITA-5831-H0A1E G3902E
110VDC ITA-5831-S7A1E i7-6822EQ
ITA-5831-S5A1E i5-6442EQ
ITA-5831-S0A1E G3902E
Voltage (M12-S-Male) Part Number 2.5" SSD mSATA slot COM Digital I/O Display
24VDC ITA-5831-L7A1E Up to 3 1 2 (Default) 4DI/4DO DVI-I
48VDC ITA-5831-M7A1E
72VDC ITA-5831-H7A1E
110VDC ITA-5831-S7A1E
ITA-5831 Series supports various I/O expansion. For more specifications, please contact your distributor or sales representative.
Advantech ITA-5831 - Specification
Part Number Description
ITA-EM-SR61-00A1E Easy-swap module, 4 x RS232/422/485 with 2KV Isolation
ITA-EM-CN61-00A1E Easy-swap module, 2 x CAN ports with 2KV Isolation
ITA-EM-PE61-00A1E Note1 2 PoE: Each port max to 7.5W @ 52VDC
1 PoE: Up to 15.4W @ 52VDC
ITA-EM-ST61-00A1E Dual Easy-swap storage tray, support 2 x 2.5" SSD (7mm)
ITA-EM-ST61-10A1E Single Easy-swap storage tray, support 1 x 2.5" SSD (7mm/9.5mm)
1700025295-31 USB cable: M12 A-code-> USB Type A,10cm
1700026432-21 LAN cable: M12 x-code-> RJ45,10cm
1700025857-21 Power cable: M12 S-code-> 2pin Terminal Block,10cm
1700004713 Y cable: DVI 29P(M) -> DVI 29P(F)+D-SUB 15P(F), 18cm
Note1: Only supports EN 50155 T2 class: -40 ~ 55 °C

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