Advantech MVP-3245


4-Axis Embedded Motion Controller with 32-Channel Digital I/O 

  • Intel® Atom™ dual-core E3825, 1.33 G, processor
  • Encoder input is 10 MHz for 4xAB mode and 2.5 MHz for CW/CCW mode
  • Pulse output of up to 5 Mpps
  • Equipped with a memory buffer (10K points) for trajectory planning
  • Supports E-Gear and helical interpolation
  • Supports E-CAM and provides 256 points for describing CAM profiles
  • 2-axis position comparison trigger
  • 3-axis arc interpolation
  • 16-channel isolated digital input
  • 16-channel isolated digital output


MVP-3245 is an embedded motion control platform equipped with the latest Intel® Atom™ processor and SoftMotion technology and aimed at machinery applications that require compact platform with a slim form factor. To satisfy demands for industrial automation, MVP-3245 offers a variety of basic motion control functions, such as linear, circular and helical interpolation, T/S-curve speed profiles, as well as advanced motion functions, such as E-Gear, E-CAM, and Tangential Following.

MVP-3245 also features specific SoftMotion functions for sector applications, such as 2D comparison trigger, Path DO, and 3D arc move. Moreover, this controller supports serial communication ports and several other networking interfaces. Advantech also provides a common motion API library, graphical utility, and user-friendly examples to reduce the programming load and facilitate easy configuration and diagnosis.

Part Number Description
MVP-3245-AE 4-axes embedded motion controller with 32-channel digital I/O
Certification CE, FCC Class A
Dimensions (W x D x H) 250 x 160 x 85 mm
Power Consumption 24 W (typical)
Power Requirements 10 ~ 30 VDC (e.g 24 V @ 1 A) (Min. 48 W), AT
Weight 2.4 kg (typical)
OS Support Windows XP/7/8
System Hardware
CPU Intel® Atom™ dual-core E3825, 1.33 G, processor
Memory DDR3 2G
Storage mSATA 32G
I/O Interface
Serial Ports COM1 RS-232
COM2 RS-232/422/485
Serial Port Speed 50 ~ 115.2 kbps
LAN 2 x 10/100/1000M (RJ45)
USB Ports 4 x USB, EHCI, Rev. 2.0 compliant
Pulse-Type Motion Control
Number of Axes 4
Interpolation 2/3-axis linear, 2/3-axis circular
Max. Output Speed 5 Mpps
Step Count Range ±2, 147, 483, 646
Pulse Output Type CW/CCW or pulse/direction
Velocity Profiles T-curve, S-curve
General Inputs 16
General Outputs 16
Encoder Interface
Input Type Quadrature (A/B phase) or up/down
Counts per Enc. Cycle x1, x2, x4 (A/B phase only)
Input Range 5 ~ 15 V
Isolation Protection 2,500 VDC
Max. Input Frequency 10 MHz under 4xAB mode
Isolated Digital Input
Channels 16
Input Voltage Logic 0: 2 V max.; Logic 1: 5 V min. (24 V max.)
Isolation Protection 1,000 VDC
Isolated Digital Output
Channels 16
Output Type Sink type (NPN)
Output Voltage 5 ~ 30 V max.
Sink Current 200 mA max. per channel
Isolation Protection 1,000 VDC
Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing (IEC 60068-2-3)
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50°C (14 ~ 122°F) @ 5 ~ 85% RH

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