Optical Ethernet Demarcation Unit

  • Versatile 4 port device
  • SNMP Manageable
  • Supports SFP fibres
  • Extended Temperature
  • Supports OAM, VLAN, 1+1 Revertive
  • RS-232 CLI (Command Line Interface) Console Port


The IE-MultiWay is a value-based, Carrier-class managed Gigabit Ethernet solution that is ideal for use as a CPE device at the customer’s network edge as well as in a fibre infrastructure. The IE-MultiWay comes standard with two SFP uplink ports for the providers’ network connection and two 10/100/1000Base-T copper ports. There are four distinct DIP Switch selectable configurations that the IE-MultiWay supports. Among them are a 1 1 Uplink Protection revertive mode, 1 1 Uplink Protection non-revertive mode, a 4-port Gigabit Switch, and a Dual Copper to Fibre SFP Media/Mode Converter (two gigabit fibre media converters in one).

The IE-MultiWay is an ideal solution for service providers’ fibre networks because it combines media conversion with an advanced features set for network management and trouble shooting, including port based VLAN and VLAN trunks, IEEE 802.1ad (Q-in-Q) and a user definable EtherType. Information such as interface statistics, RMON1 statistics, and OAM status and control are a few of the many accessible features from the Serial CLI, Telnet CLI and SNMP Management Software.