32-ch Isolated Digital Output PCI Card

  • ƒISA-compatible with PCL-730/733/734 ƒ
  • 32-ch isolated DI/O (16-ch digital input, 16-ch digital output) (PCI-1730U only) ƒ
  • 32-ch TTL DI/O (16-ch digital input,16-ch digital output) (PCI-1730U only)
  • High output driving capacity ƒ
  • Interrupt handling capability ƒ
  • 2 x 20-pin connectors for isolated DI/O channels (PCI-1730U only) ƒ
  • 2 x 20-pin connectors for TTL DI/O channels (PCI-1730U only)
  • D-type connector for isolated input and output channels ƒ
  • High-voltage isolation on output channels


PCI-1730U, PCI-1733, and PCI-1734 offer isolated digital input channels as well as isolated digital output channels with isolation protection up to 2,500 VDC, which makes them ideal for industrial applications where high-voltage isolation is required. There are also 32 TTL digital I/O channels on PCI-1730U.