38.4 kS/s, 26-Bit, 4-Ch, Simultaneous Sampling, Universal Bridge Input, Multifunction PCI Express Card

  • 4 simultaneous sampling analog inputs, up to 38.4 kS/s, 26-bit resolution
  • Full, half, and quarter-bridge sensor input with built-in anti-aliasing filter
  • 2 analog outputs, up to 3 MS/s, 16-bit resolution
  • Four 32-bit programmable encoder counters/ timers/ encoder counters
  • 32 programmable DI/Os with interrupt functions
  • Board ID switch
  • Full automatic calibration


PCIE-1813 is a 26-bit high-resolution multifunction data acquisition PCI Express card specifically designed for bridge sensor inputs, such as strain gauges, load cells, pressure sensors, and torque sensors. PCIE-1813 also features 2-ch, 16-bit analog outputs with waveform generation capability and supports simultaneous waveform generation and analog input functions.