Advantech PPC-6151C


15″ Configurable Panel PC Chassis for Selectable Mini-ITX Motherboards

  • 15″ true-flat panel PC with resistive touch
  • Supports certified mini-ITX motherboards (up to 45W TDP processor)
  • PCI or PCIe expansion slots
  • Front-facing power status LED indicators
  • IP65-rated front panel
  • Optional VESA mount module


The PPC-6151C, a panel PC chassis with 15″ TFT LED screen, is specifically designed for Mini-ITX motherboards, which supports a diverse range of Mini-iTX motherboards in fulfilling customer requirements for varied functionalities and price concern. PPC-6151C is a true flat bezel which meets market trends demanding for a stylish look and provides additional backup port and expansion slot in order to accommodate customers’ various application needs.

M/B Part Number Chassis Part Number Cooler Part Number
PPC-MB-8260AE PPC-6151C-RTAE 1960053207N001
AIMB-275 PPC-6151C-RMAE 1960053207N001
AIMB-226 PPC-6151C-RMAE 1960061914N001
Note 1: Please order M/B, Chassis and Cooler together for configuring a system.
Note 2: For AC power supply and Riser cards, both are equipped with the Chassis.
Advantech PPC-6151C - Specification

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