Advantech TREK-132


Multifunctional Driver Behavior Recognition ADAS Module

  • Multifunctional driver behavior recognition algorithms
    • Drowsiness detection
    • Distraction detection
  • Supports diverse driver characteristics to ensure widespread use
  • Applicable to interior driving environment
  • Vehicle-grade design
  • Wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 85 °C/-22 ~ 185 °F)
  • MIL-STD-810G and EN60721 (5M3) certified for shock and vibration tolerance
  • Supports firmware updates


TREK-132 is a vision-based active safety solution for effective collision prevention using image recognition technologies for driver behavior management. The multifunctional driver behavior recognition algorithm measures changes in drivers’ eye and body movement patterns to detect drowsiness and/or distraction, and warn the driver with visual and audio alerts with vehicle computer. Through real-time driver behavior management, this intelligent safety solution can effectively prevent vehicle collisions.

Part Number Description
TREK-132-AL01A0E TREK-132 with Std. Mount and 2-Meter Cable for Low-Height vehicle (Short-focus Lens)
TREK-132-AH01A0E TREK-132 with Std. Mount and 2-Meter Cable for High-Height vehicle (Long-focus Lens)
Advantech TREK-132 - Specification

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