Compact and Efficient POS Box System

  • UPOS-540D with Intel® Celeron® J1900 Processor
  • UPOS-540F with Intel® Core™ i3/i5/Celeron Processor
  • Equipped with an Intel® Celeron® quad-core J1900 / Core™-i3/i5 processor
  • Unique aluminum hole-free housing design for better heat dispassion
  • Dual video output for VGA/Display port
  • Support versatile installation option:wall-mounted, desktop and standalone
  • Support 4x USB and 4x COM as standard and expendable
  • Support powered RJ11 cash drawer
  • Fast swap hard drive


UPOS-540 is base on Advantech UPOS-500 mother board and provide the box PC solution for user. UPOS BOX PC is solid and rigid with aluminum chassis. Anodize surface make the BOX look upgraded and performance better in thermal. VGA and display port dual video out is capable to connect to monitor and TV. Fanless system operating is quiet. Varies IO port for peripherals. 2 models CPU selection, Baytrail and Skylake, base on user different application.