• Supports USB 2.0 ƒ
  • Convenient portable design ƒ
  • Bus-powered ƒ
  • Complete IEEE 488.1 & 488.2 compatibility ƒ
  • Full driver, library, and example support, including; Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®, Visual Basic .NET®, Delphi®, and LabView ƒ
  • Provides powerful and easy-to-use configuration utility ƒ
  • No GPIB cable required for instrument connection ƒ
  • Plug & Play installation and configuration


USB-4671 is a high-performance USB Module with a GPIB interface. The module is fully compatible with IEEE 488.1 and 488.2 standards with USB 2.0 specification. With two driver control modes: controller mode and slave mode; USB-4671 can perform basic IEEE 488 talker, listener and controller functions required by IEEE 488.2. You can also connect up to 15 GPIB instruments. Therefore, USB-4671 is especially suitable for instrument measurements and control.

Furthermore, USB-4671 also offers powerful testing features and a configuration utility that allows users to easily access and control instruments. USB-4671 offers a comprehensive supplementary controller driver database and provides standard IEEE-488 commands to help users develop applications. Users can use an interactive GPIB window interface to control devices directly without any need of programming.