Advantech UTC-318P - Black / Front
Advantech UTC-318P - Multi-purpose POS 1Advantech UTC-318P - Multi-purpose POS 2Advantech UTC-318P - White / FrontAdvantech UTC-318P - Black / Front


UTC-318P is the beautifully designed multi-purpose all-in-one Point-of-Sales system that makes it easy to get paid quickly, manage product inventory, build customer database, and
repeat business with loyalty.

Equipped with 16:9 wide screen format, touch base LCD panel, UTC-318P integrates add-on key peripherals, such as Camera, RFID, Smart Card Reader,
MSR, Barcode Scanner, and display systems for diversified applications.


18.5” All-in-One POS System

UTC-318PD with Intel BayTrail J1900

UTC-318PE with Intel Haswell i5-4300U

  • 18.5″ TFT LCD (LED backlight) with Resistive or PCap touch
  • Fanless operation with Intel Baytrail or Haswell i5 processor
  • Support VFD and 10.1″ & 15″ second displays
  • Unique stand base with color and logo customization on the back cover (optional)
  • Device Option: MSR, Smart Card, Camera, RFID, Barcode Scanner
UTC-318PDR-ATB0E 18.5'' Black, Intel Celeron J1900, Res T/S, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD
UTC-318PDP-ATB0E 18.5'' Black, Intel Celeron J1900, PCap T/S, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD
UTC-318PER-ATB0E 18.5'' Black, Intel Core i5-4300U, Red T/S, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD
UTC-318PEP-ATB0E 18.5'' Black, Intel Core i5-4300U, PCap T/S, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD
Part Number Description
UTC-300P-V10E VFD Display
UTC-300P-P10E 10.1'' Pole Mount
UTC-300P-P20E 15'' Pole Mount

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