3G IoT Wireless Sensor Node

  • Application-ready I/O combination with IP65 housing
  • Global coverage of 3G frequency bands from 800 to 2100MHz
  • Supports multiple cellular technologies including GSM, GPRS & HSPA
  • Fast and easy deployment to reduce operation cost
  • Supports RESTful web API in JSON format for IoT integration
  • Data buffered function with RTC reducing data lost


The WISE-4400 series nodes are IP65 rated for protection from dust, oil, and water ingress, making them suitable for operation in harsh industrial environments. The first of these nodes is the WISE-4470 model, which is equipped with 3G mobile network technology for data transmissions and features a built-in antenna that offers enhanced connectivity for more flexible installation. Moreover, the provision of IP65-rated protection from dust, oil, and water, ensures stable data collection and transmission operations for food and beverage production lines that require frequent cleaning, or CNC processing plants with high oil and dust accumulation.