LoRa Wireless Sensor Node

  • Application-ready I/O combination with IP65 housing
  • Powered by solar rechargeable battery or 10~50V input
  • Longer communication range than 2.4GHz
  • Better penetration through concrete and steel than 2.4GHz
  • Less interference than 2.4GHz spectrum
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) support
  • Optional Data buffered function with RTC reducing data lost


The WISE-4600 series wireless sensor nodes are solar-powered and designed for wide-area outdoor applications. The first model, WISE-4610, supports LoRa networks and offers low power consumption and long-distance data transmissions, as well as optional GPS capabilities for locating and tracking functions. This allows users to determine the module location when deploying data collection nodes over wide areas. In addition to a rechargeable solar battery, the WISE-4600 nodes support a wide input power voltage of 10 ~ 50 V, ensuring sustainable operation for outdoor applications.