Wzzard™ Energy Monitoring Kit

  • The bundle provides everything you need: the sensors, the wireless nodes, and the network gateway.
  • Embedded magnets make mounting fast and easy.
  • Robust network security and VPN tunneling capable.
  • Wide temperature specifications and a rugged, outdoor-rated, industrial design.
  • Wzzard nodes automatically create an alternate path to the network gateway if a node is disconnected. Individual nodes don’t need to be within direct range of the network gateway.
  • They can route their data across fellow nodes.
  • Up to 32 Wzzard Nodes and 96 individual sensors can be deployed in a single mesh network.
  • Range is up to 100 meters indoors and up to 500 meters outdoors.


The Wzzard™ Energy Monitoring Application makes it simple to see the real time and historical electrical consumption of any individual machine or panel. Data can be exported for further analysis. Email or text message alerts can be sent when user-configured high or low limits are exceeded in critical applications. Installation costs are kept low using the Wzzard wireless sensing platform. The platform creates a self-forming, self-healing wireless mesh network that eliminates the need for wires and requires no special skills to install. Each Wzzard sensor node is powered by long life batteries. After you install the monitoring software on your Windows PC, you can monitor the energy dashboard on that machine, or configure it to serve web pages that you can monitor from any web browser on your network.

Part Number Description
BB-WSKIT3BE-NRG Wzzard™ Energy Monitoring Kit

Included Hardware

  • (3) WSD2MA3 3 Analog in units with M12 connector and external antenna. Each node supports up to 3 attached sensors
  • (6) JC10F50-V 50A clamp on current sensor
  • (2) JC24S250-V 250A clamp on current sensor
  • (3) 520-10256-00 M12 Cables
  • (1) ERT-351 Ethernet or (1) RT3G-350 Cellular network gateway with Dust board
  • (One gateway supports up to 32 wireless sensor nodes and up to 96 attached sensors)

Included Software

  • One copy Window PC-based SmartWorx Energy Monitoring Platform software
  • Real time data display, selectable between Amps, KW, dollar cost
  • Historian Trending
  • User programmable thresholds limits
  • Visual and email/SMS alerts
  • 3rd party SaaS platform support

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