WzzardC™ Intelligent Edge Node

  • Ultra low power 802.15.4e SmartMesh IP technology
  • Communicates with Spectre Network Gateway via highly scalable and reliable wireless mesh networks
  • Connect to industry standard analog or digital sensors
  • Wzzard app lets you read or configure the nodes using Android tablets and smart phones
  • MQTT and JSON IoT protocol to application platform


Wireless Connectivity Where You Need It
The Wzzard™ intelligent wireless sensor platform creates a complete, quick and easy connectivity stack between your sensors and your application, on you network or the Internet. The platform uses Intelligent Edge Nodes, a wireless 802.15.4e SmartMesh IP network, to transmit sensor data to the Spectre Network Gateway. The Spectre Network Gateway can connect to the Internet via wired connections or the cellular data networks and communicate with application platforms using the MQTT IoT protocol and JSON data formats.

Wzzard Intelligent Edge Nodes accommodate virtually any industry-standard external sensors. The Nodes provide a wide variety of sensor interface options, including general purpose analog inputs, digital input/output and thermocouple. They can also contain internal sensors like an accelerometer (depending upon the model number). All 802.15.4e Wzzard Intelligent Edge Nodes contain an internal temperature sensor.

Secure, Reliable and Highly Scalable Wireless Networking
The Wzzard platform uses mesh networking and time-synchronized channel hopping to provide up to 99.999% connectivity, even in the most demanding RF environments. New nodes may be added at any time, and the SmartMesh IP network will dynamically self-configure as new nodes are added or removed. This is a function of the mesh network itself and does not need to be controlled by the network gateway.

Easy Configuration and Installation
Configuration of the Wzzard sensor platform is easy via Android smart phones or tablets. Using the Wzzard app, handheld devices can configure the Wzzard Intelligent Edge Nodes over their Bluetooth LE connections. The Nodes can be configured with calibration and scaling information, eng. units, friendly names, geolocation and other descriptive information. The platform simplifies physical installation as well. The Wzzard Intelligent Edge Nodes can be attached to any surface using Velcro with dual lock adhesive or a holster mount.

Intelligence at the Network Edge
The Wzzard wireless platform places intelligence at the network edge. The Wzzard Intelligent Edge Nodes can be configured to communicate data only when specified threshold or alert levels are exceeded. When reporting, they can associate useful information like geolocation, device name and uptime. This eliminates unnecessary network traffic, eases the processing burden on upstream resources, and cuts the cost of cellular data plans when the Gateway is using the cellular data network. Thanks to low-power wireless technology and programmable time synchronization, the Intelligent Edge Nodes can operate for multiple years on battery power.