Our eclectic experience drives our capability to design, build, deliver and support a plethora of solutions that are changing the world every single day.  We integrate with long-life technology to give your business the time it needs to flourish. With a future-proof approach, our EOL support and product lifecycle management capabilities are unmatched. When the times comes for upgrades and replacements, we can order and install with little-to-no disruption to your operation.

At ECA, we focus on creating market leading solutions as that’s what businesses need to make a difference – whether that’s internal improvements or advancement is up to you. With our globally recognised partners Advantech and Dell EMC OEM, we have an enormous portfolio of products that can be built into platforms across almost any market, including:

  • Automation

    Turnkey solutions designed with consistency, accuracy and quality in mind

  • Food and Beverage

    Sealed, rugged and heavy-duty solutions for demanding environments

  • Heathcare

    Specialist systems that save lives

  • Industrial

    Bespoke projects for even the harshest operational environments

  • IoT - the Internet of Things

    Designing applications for the devices of tomorrow

  • Manufacturing

    Supporting national manufacturing with solutions designed to succeed

  • Oil and Gas

    Stable solutions for use with volatile materials

  • Power and Energy

    Reliable solutions that sit at the heart of our national energy infrastructure

  • Security and Defence

    Sophisticated and flexible solutions to defend and protect

  • Telecommunications

    Communications and networking designed for the future

  • Transportation

    Leading the way with IoT, Smart infrastructure and intelligent transportation

Quality sits at the heart of everything we do at ECA which is why we soak test all on-site integrated systems that leave our building for complete assurance. Add in our enterprise-class support options and you have a supply chain partner that puts maximum operational lifespan at the top of its list of priorities.