With decades of combined experience in a range of industrial applications, ECA has insight into automated and manufacturing technology that lends itself to operations across the food and beverage industry. Our experts thrive when presented with a challenge and this shows in the systems we’ve designed to tackle the unique demands and challenges of our customers.

Having developed and integrated projects for a number of high-profile manufacturers across the UK, we have the ability to source the very best hardware from our partnersAdvantech and Dell EMC OEM. We also collaborate with CKS Global – a leader in rugged, long-life and industrial devices that are engineered to withstand harsh environments and operations. When working with food and beverage applications, the most important factor is hygiene – not just at one point in the manufacturing process, but across the board. These precise requirements now directly translate into system solutions with:

  • Chemical and wear resistant surfaces
  • Energy efficient boards
  • Fanless and sealed
  • IP 67 and IP 65 ratings
  • Polycarbonate glass
  • Stainless steel enclosures
  • Wide operating temperature ranges

With IoT and Industry 4.0 making headway across the industry, the requirements for food and beverage technology are becoming commonplace across the manufacturing space. Designed with flexibility in-mind, you can relax knowing that a system from ECA is designed to adapt as your business changes and grows. Whether Big Data is helping to identify improvement areas or mobile devices are helping to reduce down-time, you’ll find we can help with solutions from across the factory floor, including:

  • Batching
  • Conveyor, line and routing control
  • Filling, canning, bottling and drying
  • Filtration and CIP
  • Labelling
  • Palletisation, bagging and packaging
  • Quality inspections, testing and control

We have an impressive record of success in the food and beverage industry, and we remain committed to providing support that complements the way you work. Our support infrastructure is interwoven throughout your project so there is always someone who can help, whether it’s logistics, operations or technical support in nature. Take your operation to the next level with embedded technology that can make a difference from ECA Services.