Industrial solutions from ECAIndustrial solutions from ECA

The backbone of ECA’s extensive experience comes from the embedded and industrial IT industries. With such broad applications, our rackmount, embedded and panel PCs can be found in a vast range of vertical markets and in businesses across the UK. We’re immensely proud to have the capacity to support almost any project. If there’s something you need help with, ECA can think outside the box and establish a solution that will not only meet your requirements, but exceed them in every regard.

Partnering with 2 global IT leaders, we can build solutions to meet even the most unique specifications, including:

  • Dust and particulate-free
  • Long-life components
  • Redundant systems
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Specialised I/O
  • Specific OS / software
  • Specific physical dimensions
  • Specific temperature ranges

Our focus on quality is what really sets us apart at ECA. Every aspect of configuration is strictly controlled before a 24-hour soak test to ensure every single item that leaves our Reading facility is thoroughly checked prior to shipment. All of our solutions come with our best-in-class support as standard.

When the latest generation technologies are ready for market or when a component is going EOL, our specialists can help keep your systems running with minimal disruption to your operation.