The UK’s national power grid is a prime example of one of the most sophisticated and efficient energy infrastructures in the world. As the demand for electricity increases, so does the demand for solutions that can minimise the impact on the environment and reduce the need for fossil fuel resources. ECA’s unique experience in the energy industry has seen great success in the building of reliable solutions with certified components that sit at the heart of the power and energy industry.

Renewable energies such as wind and solar power are playing more significant roles in modern power grids. With the modernisation of transmission & distribution (T&D) systems, reliable management data can now help to sustain if not extend current grid effectiveness. With the latest technologies, ECA can build a variety of power and energy solutions, including:

  • Building energy saving systems
  • Electrical car charging stations
  • Energy storage systems
  • Nuclear simulation systems
  • Smart grid design and development
  • Solar power generation
  • Substation automation systems
  • Wind power generation

At ECA, we provide rugged and highly reliable components that are environmentally friendly and 100% efficient with intelligent software and control technology. Our team of technical specialists can manage the entire life cycle, with a strong focus on testing, quality and support. From public authorities and operators to engineering companies and technology providers, you’ll find ECA’s solutions can add value across the spectrum.

Power and Energy solutions from ECAPower and Energy solutions from ECA