Drawing on years of embedded system architecture experience, our end-to-end knowledge of both project lifecycles and product operations provides us with the ideal background for your security and defence system needs. With components for recording, management, signal transmission, power and protection, we can design IP infrastructures across a number of verticals including retail, public safety, warehousing, education and transportation.

We can identify, recommend and build specific products into the most sophisticated security deployment and with insight into the complexities of the industry, we can anticipate and adapt our approach so you get nothing but a value-added solution that is designed around your needs.

Our solutions also branch into the defence industry with sophisticated and flexible components, uniquely designed to meet the challenges of extreme condition use. At ECA, we can build innovative support solutions to cement capabilities in:

Security and Defence solutions from ECA
  • Combat
  • Command and control
  • Logistics
  • Reconnaissance
  • Surveillance
  • Targeting
Security and Defence solutions from ECA

For almost 13 years, we’ve strived to maximise the lifespan of current systems with the latest technology from our global partners, whilst designing sophisticated solutions to tackle ever-changing threats. Our systems have included:

  • Access control systems
  • CCTV surveillance management systems
  • Command control systems
  • Fire and life safety systems
  • Managed security and intrusion detection systems
  • Perimeter security systems
  • Photographic ID recognition systems
  • Physical security information management