Out of all the verticals we work in, none take as many innovative steps forward in such short timescales as the telecommunications industry. Whether your requirements are economic in nature or are fuelled by business improvements, ECA can build a unique solution using the latest technologies from our global partners. We promote collaboration in the design and development of the networking and telecommunications infrastructure that the country depends on today.

Our certified solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into your IT operation, meeting the demands of today’s cloud-based computing and mobile LTE networks. Offering a faster time to market and a more cost-effective approach; we have the scope to cover a variety of turnkey telecommunication solutions that can be implemented across a wide range of application areas and in the most demanding operational environments.

We offer a flexible approach to ensure that the solution we curate flexes with the changing needs and expectations of your project. All of our systems are managed in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 to ensure they meet the specific industry demands of the sector and we provide extensive EOL / replacement support to ensure you’re getting a fully supported telecommunications solution. ECA’s experience in the field over the last 13 years has included solutions for:

  • Commissioning & start-up management
  • In-plant communications
  • Meteorological monitoring systems
  • Microwave and radio communication networks
  • Security access control systems
  • Video conferencing technologies

From high-performance servers and LAN / WAN network switches to wireless nodes and transmission modules, you’ll find ECA’s infrastructure experience and comprehensive solutions can help, whether it’s at the edge of your network or at its core.

Telecommunications solutions from ECATelecommunications solutions from ECA