Delivering reliable, easily maintained and cost-effective computing for the transportation sector, ECA has the scope to apply its rugged high-performance solutions across a variety of applications. Our industrial strength platforms come with built-in remote management, establishing the foundation for the smart transportation networks of the future.

Our embedded computers are designed with modern infrastructure requirements in-mind, offering a durable, eco-friendly, low-power and noise-free solution with a compact footprint, industrial ethernet switches and rugged input options. We understand the unique demands of the transportation industry and you’ll find that our technical specialists are up-to-date on the latest developments within IoT, smart infrastructure and intelligent transportation. In our 13 years in the industry, our solutions have included:

  • Active traffic management systems
  • Automatic fare collection
  • Automatic gate machines and parking guidance
  • Digital warning sign management
  • Platform management and wayside control
  • Station management
  • Ticket booking office management
  • Toll and ticketing systems
  • Traffic signal and information systems
Transportation solutions from ECA

Our solutions are designed to maximise efficiencies across the board, not just for our customers, but for the millions of people that utilise the country’s transportation network every week. With help from ECA, you’ll find improvements with:

  • Freight efficiency
  • Public transport schedules
  • Traffic flow and road safety
  • Traveller / passenger information

With a portfolio of the latest technologies from Advantech and Dell EMC OEM, we thrive on creating solutions that define industrial progress. This is more than just exceeding expectations for accuracy, durability and dependability, but offering a seamless, innovative and unparalleled level of quality that cannot be found elsewhere.

Transportation solutions from ECA